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Radiation Oncology

The Department of Oncology provides radiation therapy services for patients of all types of cancer and management of cancer patients through the use of chemotherapy and allied drugs.. The department is equipped with the latest radiation planning system, mould room. The department has expertise and experience in planning and executing precise radiation therapy to achieve best results with least possible side effects and in the management of hematological malignancies such as acute and chronic leukemias, lymphomas, multiple myelomas and all solid cancers.

By using three dimensional planning to map tumours and critical normal structures, we can design treatments with pinpoint accuracy. Patients can be positioned and radiation beams aimed correctly so that the tumour gets the maximum dose and surrounding normal tissues are maximally spared.

The department of oncology has facilities for both external beam radiation therapy and High Dose Brachytherapy. Radical radiotherapy, post-operative adjuvant radiotherapy, and, palliative radiotherapy are used judiciously to give the maximum benefit to the patients. The Department uses concomitant chemo-radiotherapy in the radical treatment of head & neck cancers, cancer of esophagus and lung, and cancers of uterine cervix. The Department has been pioneering the use of newer molecules, new drug combinations, and, newer methods of administration of chemotherapy in the country.



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